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January 06, 2020

small soft hurry plant (November), oenothera on the remaining.

same plant adhering to March. I noticed a cafe on the Higher St has a few of rush crops exterior it. Sadly, plants like this entice garbage and cigarette butts but there is something that makes a organization operator want to incorporate some greenery to its frontage. The a single above did flower (will uncover a pic).

I carry on to have hurry seedlings showing but now I know what they are. At very first look it appears to be like grass but is thicker than grass. About 2 cm tall at this level.

Your foremost digit will be the number

that seedling previously mentioned is little, below it really is in situ in the pot on the remaining, to the right of the lupin seedling. Salad Burnet (Sanguisorba insignificant)thanks for Francine (on FB) for ID’ing this I hope to see it in bloom subsequent Spring/Summer season.

Salsify ( Tragopogon porrifolius )I observed this backyard escapee on Hampstead Rd, northwest London, conclusion of April 2019. I first saw this in March and imagined it was a goat’s-beard. Till it bouquets, extremely hard (for me anyway) to inform the distinction concerning salsify and goat’s-beard, both equally tragopogons. week or so afterwards.

Alternate, opposite, as well as whorled?

end of April, pretty developed bud. scrophularia grandiflora. rn(with many thanks to the RHS discussion board for ID aid), I never know if this is deemed a weed, feel I saw it explained as a this kind of on a net web page but won’t be able to obtain that now, I don’t like it and it self-seeded so to me it’s a weed!a couple of weeks later on, yellow flowers on the verge of opening up. flowers just opening up.

Sedum Kamtschaticum. I never know if this is at any time regarded as a weed but in that area? it positive seems to be like 1. https://plantidentification.biz/ Viewed 14-9-2017, Spitalfields, East London.

close-up of the bouquets. close-up of the buds. Sheep’s Sorrel. I imagine I’ve last but not least observed a match for this. It truly is difficult to say for absolutely sure as it’s challenging to obtain a genuinely obvious pic but this is a pretty close match from what I can see. Shepherd’s Purse ( Capsella bursa-pastoris)I’ve noticed this in a close by park and yesterday (21-four-2017) off Hampstead Rd (important road from Camden City down to the Euston Rd at Warren St).

I have not seen it in my yard but abruptly I seem to be to be viewing a good deal of it in the local place (and Seoul). close-up of those exclusive seed pods. close-up of the 4-petalled flower in the centre, over it toward the proper is a chickweed flower (far more petals)the seed pods developing inside the bouquets. this is the initial rosette of a shepherd’s purse plant.

this plant (or vegetation) exhibits both the mature plant and that original rosette. Silver Birch. this is a tree seedling but in this location in a crack in the pavement round the corner from me, it is a weed (thanks to Mike (on FB) who aided with ID’ing this)close-up of the leaves.

coincidentally I also experienced this surface in a pot which I imagine is also silver birch. Sisymbrium. I’m certain this is a rocket (Eastern / London / tall ?) but not guaranteed which specially. I saw this in St Pancras Old Church churchyard August 2018. Will study even further. close-up of the flower. close-up of the leaves. another sprig demonstrating flowers and seed pods. Small-flowered Mallow ( Malva parviflora )I noticed this along the Regents Canal in close proximity to King’s Cross (northwest London) in June 2018. close-up of the small mallow flower. I also saw it regionally in a park (June 2019). This watch of it rising above the pavement provides some idea of scale. Small Nettle ( Urtica arens )see also Stinging Nettles. the buds are on tiny horizontal stems, these 2 pics are not excellent, I am heading to check out to take a further (in focus this time!)Smooth sow thistle (Sonchus oleraceus)Annual, effortless to pull out – roots substantially smaller than, for example, a dandelion which has thick and deep roots.